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Shutgun is a tool designed to shut off activated fire sprinkler heads instantly. Shutgun gives fire and maintenance personnel the ability to minimise water damage from activated fire sprinklers.

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Shutgun is a tool designed to shut off activated fire sprinkler heads instantly. Fire sprinklers save lives and property but why leave them running longer than is necessary?

Shutgun gives fire and maintenance personnel the ability to minimise water damage from activated fire sprinklers. Designed by experienced fire service personnel and engineers, Shutgun is the first product that incorporates a fusible link that will release if a fire rekindles.

Its one handed activation makes it safe and easy to use. Ideally, every building with fire sprinklers should have a Shutgun available to help prevent unnecessarily excessive water damage to a building and contents. It makes economic sense for property managers and building owners to ensure that the Shutgun is readily available by the fire extinguisher on every floor of a building.

Shutgun is a tool designed to shut off activated fire sprinkler heads instantly. Shutgun gives fire and maintenance personnel the ability to minimise water damage from activated fire sprinklers.

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One hand activation Yes Safe to use from a ladder
Fusible link Yes Will release if fire rekindles
Lightweight Yes Made from durable Cast Aluminium
Padded jaw Yes Single pad width 18mm
Environmentally Friendly Yes All materials are 100% recyclable
Dealer Discount Yes Become a dealer for product discount

Shutgun is a tool designed to shut off activated fire sprinkler heads instantly. Shutgun gives fire and maintenance personnel the ability to minimise water damage from activated fire sprinklers.

Who are Shutgun AustraliaLimited?

Shutgun AustraliaLimited is the licensed UK distributor for Technicraft Product Design Inc’s Shutgun. For more information about Technicraft Product Design Inc.

How long has the Shutgun been available?

The Shutgun only came to the UK in November 2011 but was not launched until January 2012. Prior to that it was available in Canada and USA where Technicraft Product Design Plc are based. It is now available in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Dubai and continues to expand.

Were there any trials conducted?

Yes, the Shutgun was tested in use under water pressure to 9 bar and a further 1 bar with air. The strength of the tool was also tested up to its buckle point of 1000N force. Please see the data sheet for more information.

Has the device got a health and safety standard?

Currently Technicraft Product Design Plc are investing in evaluation for award of the UL mark. We will update the site as soon as this is confirmed.

Have there been any cases where it has failed to work when used?

No. In tests it has worked every time and there have been no reported instances of failure.

Does it fit all types of sprinklers?

No. The Shutgun fits most sprinklers but not all types. The concealed domestic sprinkler heads with pins are not suitable and it will not fit sprinkler heads where there is a guard that cannot be breached or if there is no bulb/nest region to clamp. The jaw/seal width is approximately 17-18mm.

Are there any specific brands/sizes that the Shutgun is not suitable for?

Certain concealed heads would not be suitable due to the angle of the recess. We have been told that there are some residential sprinkler heads that are designed to be small and the 18mm head will not fit but as yet we haven’t found any that were too small outside the water mist space. In Canada they have found some larger sprinkler heads from older installations which are too big. In this instance the Shutgun has reduced water flow but not stopped it completely.

How big is the Shutgun?

It is designed to be handheld and can be operated single handed. The approximate length is 170mm with the jaws closed. Please see the data sheet in media or product specifications for approximate dimensions.

Can it be used with different system pressures?

Yes – the only difference is that with higher pressure systems you will need to apply more pressure by squeezing the handles. It has been tested up to 9 bar at point of water release but we now have additional in situ test results relating to higher pressures. Please see data sheet for more information.

Why not just turn off the fire sprinkler valve immediately?

In some circumstances this might be entirely appropriate. However, once the fire sprinkler valve has been switched off the building or zone is not protected from fire until the system is repaired. With Shutgun in place the building or zone remains protected by the sprinkler system so if a fire should rekindle or another fire start elsewhere the fire sprinklers can activate. It is also worth looking at how long it takes to get to the sprinkler valve since whilst this is being found and switched off the water continues to flow. Shutgun could be used to stopper the water flow in the meantime.

When safe to do so (following correct health and safety procedures) and when the sprinkler valve is easily accessible it is also feasible to temporarily switch off the sprinkler valve until Shutgun is securely in place and then switch the sprinkler system back on until repair can be arranged. This allows you to deploy it even more easily without having to compromise the safety of the building.

Is it reusable/ How many times can it be used?

Providing that the fusible link has not been melted by a fire, the Shutgun can be used more than once. Once the fusible link has been activated to release the Shutgun, in the event of a fire, it must not be used again. After every use the gun should be checked to ensure there has been no damage to the pads or mechanism as the pads may get damaged after multiple uses.

What staff training requirements are there if I introduce this to my business?

The Shutgun is very easy to use and comes with instructions. No specialist training is required for the operation of the tool but staff will need to be aware of the speed in which the gun jaws close and the risk of trapping fingers. Staff still need to follow an organisation’s policy of Fire Safety and Shutgun should only be used as a temporary stopper for a sprinkler head until trained service personnel fix the sprinkler head or, if required, turn off the water system. We have a short guidance video regarding use of Shutgun available on the website and we recommend people discuss fire safety procedures with their local fire service or fire safety department.

Is there a shelf life for the Shutgun or does it require any routine maintenance?

Not that we are aware of but it should be checked regularly to ensure the item is still fit for purpose. If the item is stored with other equipment (such as in a toolbox) and risks damage we recommend regular checks. If the item is stored on its own, safely, where there is minimal risk of damage then we recommend bi-annual checks to ensure that it is still in full working order. The Shutgun should be checked after every use.

At what temperature will the fusible link engage taking into account that different sprinklers activate at different temperatures?

The fusible link melts at approximately 74°C. The time taken to reach this temperature will vary according to the nature of the fire involved.

Are there any plans for developing it further?

We are working closely with Technicraft Product Design and they are currently working on products for concealed domestic sprinkler systems and for systems where the sprinkler head has been damaged. The waterproof kits are now for sale.

What are the terms for delivery and returns?

Please see terms and conditions for delivery and returns information on our website Please contact us if there is any further information you require.

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