Shutgun is a tool designed to shut off activated fire sprinkler heads instantly. While no one disputes that fire prevention sprinklers save lives and property, the water damage from fire sprinklers can sometimes cause more property damage than the fire they extinguished. Shutgun gives firemen and maintenance personnel the ability to minimise water damage from activated fire sprinklers.

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Shutgun is a revolutionary activated sprinkler shut-off tool

Shutgun is the world’s best selling fire sprinkler shutoff tool. The patented tool designed by an ex fire chief in Canada incorporates a unique fusible link that automatically releases the Shutgun if a fire rekindles. Made from durable metals, finished in bright yellow and lightweight to be safely used one-handed, Shutgun is your reliable tool for most fire sprinkler activations. Fire sprinklers release an average 1300 litres of water per fire at a rate of 50 to 100 litres per minute. If the fire sprinkler has been accidently activated, the amount of water that is discharged can cause significant damage to property thus causing financial losses. In Australia, Shutgun has been sold to almost all major Shopping Centres, Aged Care Facilities, Art Galleries, Warehouses & Distribution Centres, Building & Construction Companies, Fire Maintenance Companies and Facilities Management for Commercial & Residential Properties. Shutgun is now available in a new safety carrying case that holds all three models of Shutgun – Mark 1 for normal sprinkler heads, Mark 2 for damaged sprinkler heads and Mark 3 for concealed sprinkler heads.

What is the Shutgun?

Shutgun is a tool designed to shut off individual activated fire sprinkler heads instantly while the rest of the system remains online. The lightweight and durable design makes it safe and easy to use one handed. Designed by experienced fire fighters, it incorporates a unique fusible link that automatically releases the Shutgun jaws if a fire rekindles.

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How does its work?

When an activated fire sprinkler needs shutting off fast make sure you have a Shutgun on hand. Whilst fire sprinklers are essential for safety, Shutgun allows you to minimise the amount of water released simply, safely and swiftly by acting as a temporary stopper.
The Shutgun jaws are opened and seal an individual fire sprinkler head. Once in place the system returns to normal pressure and can be back online while awaiting service personnel. You can begin immediate clean up operations and reduce business downtime.

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Why do I need it?

Minutes make a difference…
Students on campus are messing around and set off a fire sprinkler by accident. A construction worker knocks into a sprinkler head and water pours into a new build. An office fire is quickly controlled and extinguished but the water is still flowing. Any of these events can cause unnecessary water release and loss of business without a Shutgun on hand. Why waste precious time and money when a sprinkler can be shut off immediately until specialists arrive to fix it?

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